See And Try

In this workshop, see and try is exactly what our students will get to do. The S.A.T Workshop is a fun filled, fuss-free courseware that is designed to give our students an introduction to the art of animation through hands-on exercises. It is very suitable as a preview to the contents of the full-fledged Alpha Program.

Our students affectionately call it the “short and tiny” Workshop (because the fun was so short-lived), but… this means that you can discover if animation is your cup of tea without committing to an extensive, full-fledged course.

Students start at the roof of the art form, making use of Animaker to get acquainted with the concept of animation through stop-motion techniques in an easy and interactive manner. The classical Workshop is especially ideal for those who are not “inclined” toward technology, or for first-time animators.

Also imparts the basics of animation, but entirely computer-based, using friendly digital 2D software.

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