Alpha Program

The Alpha Program gives comprehensive understanding of the basic skills of the animation art form. It even includes a dash of liberal arts, starting from animation’s historic roots to its modern forms today. One will also learn the importance and usefulness of animation, aside from entertainment.
Alpha Program students will have the opportunity to experience the various processes along the animation production pipeline, cumulating in a chance to produce their very own animated short.
This program does not require previous artistic backgrounds. It is also ideal for competition training.

Practical materials like paper and clay are the medium of choice in the classical Program; stop-motion animation techniques are employed. Students experience animation-creation in its purest form, and will learn how easy and affordable it can be to create a complete animated short at home, even without super high-tech software.

Entirely computer-based, students will be introduced to digital drawing and brought through the process of creating a 2D digital animated short. Though software proficiency is an important requirement here, students will learn how their creativity and skill are the true factors that determine the quality of their animation.

For Digital programs, prior completion of at least the S.A.T Classical program is strongly recommended for the best learning outcomes; average I.T. knowledge is a must.

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Advanced Alpha Workshop

The Advanced Alpha Workshop builds on the competencies gained in the Alpha Program, & expands the creative possibilities through the usage & combination of additional mediums. Each group of students will learn production techniques unique to their animations. This can be considered a classroom version of what goes on behind the scenes of broadcast-quality productions like those in N.E.mation!.

Frog Life Cycle

Gold Award Winner for School Digital Media Awards 2012

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